Spelling Week #9 Group #2

Words: Question, equal, reason, thought, someone, corrode, oxide, aluminium, reactions.

Activity 1:

Create 5 sentences that each use one list word from the 5 above. Underline the list word.

E.g. Certain metals corrode, especially iron.

Corrode- the metal corroded with rust

Oxide- the oxide was reacting

Spectrum- there was a band of colors also known as a spectrum

Aluminium- We rapped the sandwich with aluminium foil

Reactions- My skin was getting reactions from the cream

Activity 2:

Create 5 sentences that use possessive apostrophes. Your sentences must include at least one list word. Highlight the possessive apostrophe.

unsure what possessive apostrophes are.


Maths Mate Week 8 Question #23

Maths Mate Sheet 8 Question # 23

Predict: I predict this is going to be about counting numbers.

Question: If you could roll the same numbers every time, what number would you choose so that you could move from S to F in the least number of rolls?

Big Question: What is the largest number you can roll?

Solve: Firstly I looked at all of the numbers and the largest number that was there was 19 so you would only have to roll once while you are playing.

Answer: 19

Maths Mate Sheet 7 Question #24

Predict: I predict this is going to be about algebra.

Question: The letters A, B, and C stand for different digits from 1 to 9. If A B C What digit does each letter represent?







Big Question: What do the letters equal?

Solve: C being 4, B being 2, A being 1 and add that and its seven.

C+A+B= 7 so put seven down. B+C+A=7 so put seven down. A+B+C=7 put seven down.

Answer: 777

100Wc Week #36

The egg was coming I was scared it fell over and over flowed with white fluffy cream. People were surrounding the egg there were cones all around it every one was surrounding it, no one new whose it was and how it got there and when it got there all we knew that it was there for a reason but then I thought someone must have planted it there.

!!!!!!The End!!!!!!

Maths Mate week #6


Question: Jane rolls nothing but 6 in the game of snakes and latters how many rolls will it take to get from S to F?

Big question: How many rolls will it take to get from S to F.

Solve: F 19 18 17 16 15 14

7 8 9 10 11 12 13

6 5 4 3 2 1 S

Now add all the numbers you see up and you should get 190

Answer: 190 or 19

Spelling Week #7 Term 2 Group 2


Dissolve,Compound,Contains,Properties,Hydrogen, access,

Activity 1:

Create 8 sentences that each use one list word. Underline the list word.

– This bag contains the ingredients you will need to make this

– on the Periodic  table Hydrogen is in the top 10

– when you are making jelly the jelly crystals dissolve in the water

–  the word playground is a compound because play and ground are also words individually.

– There are all kinds of properties in this procedure

– The man is allowing me access in the studio

Activity 2:

The Hydrogen

The smelly hydrogen

The smelly and annoying hydrogen

The smelly and annoying hydrogen filled the air


100WC Week #35

5 words you can use in any order: … Gateway   Cold   Running   Black   Friend…

Ring, Ring the door bell went who could it be I thought could it be mum,dad or brother or sister even though I have none of them whats so ever. I remember now its my friend she must be cold and its very dark and black outside I will open the gateway for you and as I opened the gateway she was running inside as soon as she ran I offered a drink and a blanket and Ashley and I sat beside the warm crackling fire.

Spelling Week #3 Group 2/3

Activity one:

Don’t Worry About The Numbers Computer Trouble!

Write the definition of five of your spelling words:

  1. Experiment- An ordorly prosedure
  2. Viscosity- thickness and stickiness
  3. Hydrogen- Hydrogen is a type of gas


  4. Helium- A nonflammable inert gaseous element that is colorless and odorless
  5. Composition- the way in which something is made, especially in terms of its different par
  6. Activity two:

The four states of matter are Liquid,Gas,Solid and Plasma. A liquid is water, A gas is Hydrogen or Helium, A solid is a ball, Plasma is a star. you can’t find plasma on earth only in the universe. 2 thirds of the earth are covered with liquid which means only one third isn’t.

100WC Week #34

Prompt: But where could I go?

Your it, no you mist no I didn’t your lying, come on lets just keep on playing. OW! I fell over help me I need a teacher can you get me one it really hurts? Sure come on i’ll help you get their, okay thank you hey you, really are the best friend anyone could have that’s so kind of you to say oh look the teachers here. So kids what happened? Well I was playing tiggy and I fell over as I was running away I fell over because I had no where to go as I was running.

GTAC Reflection

GTAC Reflection

Today two people from GTAC came in to our school to talk to us about the states of matter. We had to explore how solids and liquids behave differently. GTAC stands for: Gene Technology Access Centre.

The first activity we did was based on play doh and transferring all of the play doh particles from one side of the room to the other. In order to transfer the play doh we had to put all the particles of the play doh into a cup. We had to take the cup to the other side of the room not using our hands we had to use the pair of tongs that were provided for us.

I learnt that play doh is a solid as well as sand, but what’s interesting about the sand is even though it can take the shape of a bowl each individual grain is in fact  a solid and if you took a hand full of sand each solid grain will still take the shape.

A question I still have is though, if liquids and solids behave differently does gas and plasma behave differently to each other?

Altogether I had a great time, we got to explore the different states of matter and do fun experiments and activities and I recommend you checking it out.