GTAC Reflection

GTAC Reflection

Today two people from GTAC came in to our school to talk to us about the states of matter. We had to explore how solids and liquids behave differently. GTAC stands for: Gene Technology Access Centre.

The first activity we did was based on play doh and transferring all of the play doh particles from one side of the room to the other. In order to transfer the play doh we had to put all the particles of the play doh into a cup. We had to take the cup to the other side of the room not using our hands we had to use the pair of tongs that were provided for us.

I learnt that play doh is a solid as well as sand, but what’s interesting about the sand is even though it can take the shape of a bowl each individual grain is in fact  a solid and if you took a hand full of sand each solid grain will still take the shape.

A question I still have is though, if liquids and solids behave differently does gas and plasma behave differently to each other?

Altogether I had a great time, we got to explore the different states of matter and do fun experiments and activities and I recommend you checking it out.

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