Spelling Week #3 Group 2/3

Activity one:

Don’t Worry About The Numbers Computer Trouble!

Write the definition of five of your spelling words:

  1. Experiment- An ordorly prosedure
  2. Viscosity- thickness and stickiness
  3. Hydrogen- Hydrogen is a type of gas


  4. Helium- A nonflammable inert gaseous element that is colorless and odorless
  5. Composition- the way in which something is made, especially in terms of its different par
  6. Activity two:

The four states of matter are Liquid,Gas,Solid and Plasma. A liquid is water, A gas is Hydrogen or Helium, A solid is a ball, Plasma is a star. you can’t find plasma on earth only in the universe. 2 thirds of the earth are covered with liquid which means only one third isn’t.

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