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  • Simple three letter words (consonant-short vowel-consonant)
  • Words that start with or end in 2 or 3 letters that we always see grouped together (initial and final consonant blends).

Examples of Consonant Blends

  • Two (2) consonants are combined together to form only one sound (consonant digraphs and digraph-consonant blends).

  • Double consonants.
  • Plurals.

Singular and plural

Types of plurals 1

Types of plurals 2

Choose the correct plural activitiy

The Plural Girls game

  •  Words of many syllables (Simple multisyllabic words).

List of multisyllable words

Multisyllabic Words activity

  • Long vowel sounds.
  • Two (2) vowels that make one sound or two (2) vowel sounds in one syllable(Avowel digraph has two vowels that make one sound. A diphthong is two vowel sounds in one syllable.)

Two vowels together

Digraph definition

  • Vowels before “r”.
  • Silent consonat

Words with silent letters
Silent letters

Silent letter words

  • Soft consonant sounds.

Hard and soft consonants

  • Verb endings.

Verbs ending in -ize, -ise, -yze, and -yse

Click on the words to see the past, present or future tense

  • Harder Plurals.

Plural rules

Unusual plurals

10 Things you should know about plurals

  • Prefixes.


  • Suffixes.


  • Prefix and suffix in the same word.

Suffixes and Prefixes

Chart of prefixes and suffixes

Prefixes and suffixes

Prefixes and suffixes video

Root words, Prefixes and Suffixes

  • Compound words.

What makes a compound word activity

Compound word lists

Compound word list A to W

  • Homophones and commonly confused words.

Homophones–Words with the Same Sounds

Confusing words

Irregular spelling

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